Call for papers — Performing the North / South

Special Issue Scottish Journal of Performance Vol.6(2)

Issue Editors: Anika Marschall, Iain Harvie

Deadline for Proposals: Monday, January 20 2020

This themed issue of the Scottish Journal of Performance will focus on relations between North and South in performance practice and theatre studies. The journal presents an open access platform for performance researchers based in Scotland, and for all scholars writing about theatre and performance in relation to Scotland. In this tenth issue the editors wish to interrogate the geographical perspective of the journal and the political implications of that perspective for a voice for critical art-making in the so-called Global North: we wish to reinforce the position of the Scottish Journal of Performance in the fight against embedded inequality and racism in educational institutions and communities. This edition is open to any international arts practitioner, or scholar investigating the performing of North / South, who wishes to contribute to this discourse.

Geopolitical and cultural codings of North and South continue to haunt our critical views of the world and its cultural representations. Glasgow-based historian Benjamin White has remarked on the dominant mode to refer to the ‘US-Mexican’ border when scholars analyse undocumented migration across the Arizona desert. This is telling insofar as ‘it shows where they (we) are looking at that border from: the US’, from the North (2019). This special issue seeks to challenge such predominant modes of looking ‘from the North onto the South’ and asks about the usefulness of the ‘North-South’ concept.

At the same time we ask ourselves why is decolonisation becoming more popular among academics of the ‘Global North’ now, and what are possible pitfalls? What are the crucial differences in the meaning of decolonisation for postcolonial spaces in the North and South? Can Scotland legitimately be considered as one of the colonized nations of the Global North?

What Stuart Hall stated ten years ago in conversation with Les Back now seems more acute than ever:

Britain will never go back to being a culturally homogeneous society ever again. It can’t. I mean it can have purges, it can throw people into the sea. It can enforce assimilation but it can’t go back to being stable and steady on its own mono-cultural foundations. (2009).

Therefore, we encourage a variety of Northern / Southern, in-between and hybrid voices in this special issue. We welcome proposals which work through the positionality of the author(s), and might not easily fit given epistemologies; proposals which name and contest cultural, racial, class-based and geopolitical borders and stay vigilant about how cultural values, aesthetics and other representational regimes continue to reproduce colonial structures.

Please send 250–350 word proposals plus a 100 word bio for articles, interviews, practice-as-research essays or provocations that attend to the performing of North / South. The journal also welcomes multi-media submissions. Submissions could address (but are not limited to) any aspect of the following:

In addition to article submissions, we also invite book reviews. If you are interested in reviewing one of the suggested book titles below, please email us to express your interest. You are also welcome to email us if you wish to review a book that is not listed here.

Please get in contact with Anika Marschall (University of Glasgow) about any issue-related enquiries. [email protected]

All proposals, submissions and general enquiries should be sent to: [email protected]

  • Schedule
  • Proposals: Monday, 20 January 2020
  • First drafts: March 2020
  • Final drafts: April 2020
  • Publication date
  • May 2020